Care Instructions

How To Wash & Care For Your HardkoreKlothing

Care Instructions

Get The Most Out Of Your HardkoreKlothing Range

You might be seriously hardcore in the gym and with everything else in life, but when it comes to caring for your HardkoreKlothing – you should be as careful as a kitten …
We want you to get the most out of your purchase and enjoy to the max wearing all items you purchase from our store.

Remember – Keep It Cool

Keep that temperature under control … If you’re one of those people who turns up the heat in life, when it comes to washing your HardkoreKlothing, we suggest you stop.
Warmer water fades colours, whilst also wearing the fabric down.

Important Care Instructions:

Wash at 30 degrees only
Washing at 30 degrees is an eco-friendly way to save energy while treating clothes to a gentle cycle that leaves them spotless.
Because modern detergents are designed to work well at low temperatures, setting the washing machine to 30 degrees can save you money
while protecting fabric from the extra stresses of hot water and reducing the likelihood of colour seepage or deterioation.

Wash With Similar Items

Try not to pile in towels, jeans, jackets etc. as this can cause major friction within the machine, leaving you left with some deterioration.
Remember to wash your colours separately!

Air It Out

If you’re in a rush, we understand the dryer is a necessity, however, we do suggest air drying.
This allows for your clothing to keep their shape and fit for longer, and who doesn’t love that?

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